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January 19, 2012
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SOPA or PIPA for non-USAians by Emotikonz SOPA or PIPA for non-USAians by Emotikonz
EDIT: UPDATE. Sony Computer Entertainment, who runs E3, no longer supports this bill. (So you can go to E3 now! :D) For others you can boycott (assuming they are multinational), scroll to the bottom of [this page]. Ones hard to boycott are in red, those recommended boycotting are in yellow.

EDIT 2: After this bill was officially shelved indefinitely, USA government took down megaupload (the site). The theory is that they had intended SOPA/PIPA to pass so it could be official, but when the internet rose up against it, they changed their mind and -- actually, they said "fuck it" and took it down anyway. Citizens of USA, why are you letting them have this power? Your inactive activism is close enough to 'support' if it lets them continue on this bent. Make yourself heard on official channels, don't just blog about it or change your avatars and skins. That's all the FOREIGNERS can do, but I know you guys are capable of so much more! Go make us proud!

Before anyone says anything about the title, I know the term is 'Americans'. But I used "USAians" because 'American' technically refers to anyone from THE AMERICAS and therefore includes Canadians, Brazilians, etc as well which, being outside of the USA, will be affected as the rest of us - and are yet just as powerless or officially oppose.

Are you American?

Well, you have a lot more power than we do! If you want to stop SOPA/PIPA properly, don't just sign petitions and sit around whining. The whole world depends on YOU to use YOUR RIGHT as an American citizen to stop SOPA/PIPA. And how? Read this: [link] ...and refuse to re-elect any of said people, boycott those companies, and make your anger clear instead of just changing your Facebook icon or your journal skin.

Don't understand SOPA/PIPA? Not an American citizen? Then ON TO MORE IMPORTANT STUFF:


    stop SOPA/PIPA

    Despite deviantART $taff's best efforts to control their content...

    ...some users insist on uploading images they don't own, treating as Photobucket 2.0

    Under SOPA/PIPA this makes deviantART an intentional enabler,

    and America can shut it down permanently.
    REGARDLESS of any action or nationality of users.

    SOPA/PIPA affects more than just American citizens. The WORLD uses American websites.

    As outsiders of America, we do not have the right to petition against their laws,

    even though we will be equally affected by them.

    STOP SOPA/PIPA any way you legally can.
    Refuse good and services from those supporting it,

    including their big earners such as E3.
    Don't let pirates ruin the 'net for the rest of us.


SOPA, the publicly announced bill, stands for "Stop Online Piracy Act". It is referred to within legal circles as PIPA (Protect Intellectual Property Act).

Basically, since sites outside of America cannot be legally charged with breaking America's laws including copyright infringement, SOPA/PIPA goes after any site that aids people in finding and using those sites, giving themselves the right to TAKE THOSE SITES DOWN on a guilty until proven innocent basis: which is difficult, because it is impossible to prove a negative - in this case, to prove that someone or something has NOT participated in illegal activity and can NOT be used to do so.

Sites included in this can include search engines (which FIND illegal sites), advertisers (which thoe sites earn REVENUE from) and can even extend to browsers (which DISPLAY those sites) and computers (which will allow INTERACTION with those sites) because of the poor wording of the bill.

Now... what the bill INTENDS is a noble enough cause. The reason our games are endless sequels and spin-offs and our movies have to lie in trailers is that they need to make BIG BUCKS on release day. Else people will just hire, borrow, purchase second-hand or PIRATE instead of buying original copies or watching in theatres, cutting deeply into anything the producers (who, I must point out, spend literally years of their life on each of those products you refuse to pay for) make, resulting in less income to cover the cost of production.

BUT... the words of SOPA/PIPA are poorly used. Even if the bill is not intended to be used maliciously, it has the potential to be. The experience I've had with America is rudimentary at best, and likely exaggerated by television,, and the screencaps or awful Facebook and forum posts, but to my country it looks like America can [SUE DEAD PEOPLE AND WIN] (plus suing for coffee too hot, threatening suing for blocking traffic while LEAVING THEIR CAR IDLE ON THE ROAD, etc). This is NOT a power they should have.

This video will explain it in a simple format, making it easy to understand, while referring to the wording in the bill and why it is dangerous. PLEASE watch!


The whole global internet is threatened.
I know a lot of people are making stuff against SOPA/PIPA, but most of that is aimed towards Americans. Despite the fact we're all affected, we do not have the right to oppose this law because it is within a country we are not citizens of.

Also, keep in mind that because of America's high connectivity, it is popular choice for server headquarters for a large percentage of sites including those actually targeting other countries. Regardless of target audience, if it's in America, then they obey their laws. Which is fine, and a reasonable request... UNLESS their laws INCLUDE SOPA/PIPA.

Any site with user generated content is endangered by SOPA/PIPA.
User-generated means basically anything you can submit: pictures, comments, edited content in wikia entries.... Why are they endangered? Because some among said users tend to post image macros or quotes, which count as INFRINGEMENTS, making sites official enablers. Every forum. Every webcomic comments section. WIKIPEDIA, TV Tropes and other online user-compiled encyclopaedias, funny and serious both.

Such a thing is only permitted if you can provide, on demand, proof you have permission to post that content. Heck, even and Know Your Meme would shut down, since many of the memes are based on modified images of people's pets, newspaper photographs of politicians, screencaps of TV shows, even nature photography - NONE OF WHICH ANY OF US, LET ALONE ALL OF US, HAVE PERMISSION TO USE.

The bill is shelved, NOT denied.
The bill has by no means disappeared. Now, hopefully, if it DOES come back, then it comes back under heavy revision so people can't take advantage of the poor wording to block potentially any site that has user-generated content without any evidence, losing them almost obscene amounts of traffic and revenue. Many users who see said site taken down mightn't be bothering to regularly check to see if it is coming back! Even if America take the 'my bad' route and retracts that ruling, the damage is done. And it's permanent.

`Mirz123 raised another point I didn't consider: FAN ART. Most companies let fan art occur because in most cases it is (1) fully original (the art itself I mean) rather than copies rehashing of their own work, as well as (2) works as free advertising for their benefit since fan art is from... well, fans. SOPA/PIPA will make posting fan art illegal and any site that supports or allows fan art (including fanfics) will take the fall. Even sites LINKING to those that allow it!
In fact, under SOPA, we can't even TALK about being fans of these things in forums because we'd be posting their intellectual property every time we mentioned things like SHOW NAMES, which are trademarked. Fan of Doctor Who? WHOOPS YOU SAID "DOCTOR WHO", and that's TRADEMARKED. PERMABAN. See how draconian this is?

You want a TL;DR? TOO BAD. This is important dammit. You are on the internet because you USE IT. If this passes, you probably have do READ BOOKS or DO SPORTS or some shit. If you ever read something in full, ever, LET IT BE THIS.
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Starryskystorm Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
They are back from hell ones again.…

new attack and 3x worst:…
xEternalSkyx Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I got mad after they took down Megaupload .__.

Stuff like this sucks -- who's coming up with it?
King-Despair Featured By Owner May 30, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist

democracy is NOT a spectator sport
gosh someone please spread this around
Every DAY we lose more rights because of lazy ass people who DONT go and VOTE.
GRIFFINOFNUKES Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
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hay, I tell ya something funneh. SOPA backwards:


Speckledleaf Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I guess they are trying to become Draco.

SOPA, like one of the stupidest laws ever suggested.
Darkness-Nightguard Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2012
:clap: Good idea, this stamp! :thumbsup:
Kamoodle Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2012
I am just glad we've won the battle for now, so we get to enjoy our free internet longer. I, too, voted against the bills, mainly because it would greatly deteriorate our freedom to interact with others and share things. Here in deviantArt is no exception.
Emotikonz Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2012
Actually, you haven't. They took down megaupload just after the bill was supposedly shelved. (Also, SOPA is shelved indefinitely, but it seems PIPA isn't.) Seems they were expecting SOPA/PIPA to pass so they could do it officially and when it didn't, thought "fuck it" and did it anyway. Because America's government has accumulated that much power.
Kamoodle Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2012
In a way, I never was very concerned for Megaupload. For one, there are still others like it out there, so people still have the freedom to download what they want. Also, I admit it does stink because these are things people WANT to share.

Well, if they continue to shut down websites behind our backs then there will eventually be hell breaking loose. I really don't like the way the American government thinks they have the power to do anything at this point.
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